What is FAST-O
FAST-O stands for Fast And Short Thursday Orienteering.  It is a summer series of short orienteering races which generally could be classified as "Sprint" style courses.  That does not mean you have to actually sprint.  It does mean the courses are short, there is a premium on quick decision making and execution, and they are generally in the sort of areas (campuses, more open woods) where you can go fast if you want to.  FAST-O races will generally be on Thursday evenings although they could be on another weekday or Saturday when appropriate.  In that case the T could stand for Tuesday, Terrific, or something else that the Event Director dreams up.  Of the two courses, one will be shorter, and easy enough that first-timers and younger orienteers should be able to complete it.  The second will generally be more challenging navigation and slightly longer distance.

What does it cost
Fees for FAST-O events are the same as for our regular weekend events, except that if you choose to do both courses, you don't need to pay for a second map.  This ranges from $5 for an OCIN (or other orienteering club) member who owns his/her own SI timing card to $11 for a non-member who needs to rent an SI card and a compass.  In some cases, a park or land owner might charge an additional park entry or car permit fee (Butler County Metroparks, Hamilton County Parks, Fort Ancient, for example).   Save time and money by purchasing a 2009 FAST-O Season Pass, which gives you express registration and saves you having to bring cash to each event.

Where and When
See the Orienteering Cincinnati Schedule page.  Events are generally Thursday evening with starts open from 6 or 6:30 until 7:30 pm. Courses will generally close and control pickup begin at 8:30 pm.

FAST-O Season Standings
For each event, you will earn points.  The winning time on each course is worth 1000 points.  Based on how far you are behind the winning time, you get a lesser number of points.  The same ranking computations used for TROL are used for FAST-O.    Course 1 (easier) and Course 2 (harder) are ranked separately.  There will be season-end recognition for winning males and females in each age group: under 20, 21-39, 40-54, and 55+.

Course Setters and Event Directors
Course Setters and Event Directors are greatly needed and appreciated.  Because they are in short supply, they receive some benefits.  The Course Setter and Event Director may run or pre-run one or both courses at his/her event and have the time count in the FAST-O season standings.  If you pre-run without SI, you must record & report your split times.  The CS and ED will not be charged a fee to run in their own event.

Running with a group
You may do the course with a partner or group.  Each group member will be included individually in the FAST-O season standings, but not in the North American Sprint Series standings.

North American Sprint Series
Results from both courses will be reported for inclusion in the North American Sprint Series standings.  To count, you must run as an individual.  Pairs and groups are NOT counted in the NA Sprint Series.  An ED or CS who runs with SI during the actual event will also be reported, but self-reported pre-runs will not be counted.
Results from individual events
FAST-O 12, August 13, 2009
FAST-O 11, August 6, 2009, England Idlewild
FAST-O 10, July 30, 2009, Peffer Park
FAST-O 9, July 23, 2009
FAST-O 8, July 16, 2009, Rentschler Forest
FAST-O 7, July 9, 2009, Miami Middletown
FAST-O 6, July 2, 2009, Governor Bebb
FAST-O 5, June 25, 2009, Harbin Park
FAST-O 4, June 18, 2009, Miami U. Central Quad
FAST-O 3, June 11, 2009, Joyce Park
FAST-O 2, June 4, 2009, England-Idlewild
FAST-O 1, May 28, 2009, Miami Univ Western Woods