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January 5, 2012
Dear Orienteers,
OCIN event this Sunday at Harbin Park in Fairfield. Please see the OCIN schedule page for details. ICO has an event on Saturday at Eagle Creek in Indianapolis.
Mike Minium

January 11, 2012
Dear Orienteers,
OCIN event this Saturday, January 14 at Miami University Natural Areas. Starts are 11 am to 2 pm at the Dewitt Cabin parking lot on the north side of Ohio route 73 about 1/2 mile east of Oxford (past the stables and Four Mile Creek). All welcome. Come join the fun! Details on the schedule page at www.ocin.org
Course lengths will be white 2.3 km; yellow 3.3 km; orange 4.6 km; brown 4.9 km; green 5.9 km. All maps will be printed at 1:7500. All courses except green will have a control that must be visited twice.
Results, TROL points, and RouteGadget for last Sunday's event at Harbin have not yet been posted. Apologies, but with travel I have not been able to update the website. I hope to have results and points up by sometime Friday morning, assuming I make flight connections late Thursday night.
Mike Minium

January 19, 2012
Dear Orienteers,
OCIN event Sunday at Mitchell Memorial Forest, west of Cincinnati. There is also orienteering on Saturday at Springfield, Ohio.
Aaron Rourke is leading a trail clean-up project on Sunday afternoon at Caesar Creek. If you want to help out, work will be from 3:30 to 5 pm on Sunday at the Ward Rd Trailhead for the Harveysburg mountain bike trails at Caesar Creek State Park. Contact Aaron at aaron.rourke@sbcglobal.net for more information.
Mike Minium

January 26, 2012
Dear Orienteers,
Orienteering this Saturday: We return to Indian Creek Preserve Butler County Metropark south of Oxford. The park was closed for a couple years, but is now re-opened, with a newly paved entrance road, a re-roofed shelter, and a large semi-permanent portable restroom replacing the old pit toilets. There will be 5 courses from white through green, and all are welcome.
The parking lot is fairly small, so if it fills up, please park single file along the road exiting the park, keeping as far to the edge as possible without going on the grass. The grass berm is VERY soft and you will sink in. If any school group is planning to bring a bus, please call me in advance for instructions at (513) 405-1426 before entering the park. If you bring a bus in, you may not be able to turn around until cars leave, and due to curves and a hill, this is a very difficult place for a bus to back out.
There is a very small chance that due to some behind-the-scenes changes, there might be a brief interruption in the http://ocin.org website on Friday. Probably nothing will happen, but don't be alarmed it the site is unavailable for a short time. It won't hurt to let me know if you do see any interruption (mikeminium@aol.com).
Plan ahead if you are interested in going to the US Classic Championships on March 10-11 at Asheboro, NC. You will save $20 on entry fees if you enter before February 15. Different courses each day for a 2-day total time. Both the Classic and the Sprint-Middle-Long (late April in Georgia) course championships are being held quite early this year.
Results, photos, and Routegadget from last Sunday's event at Mitchell are posted. Let me know if you see any identification mistakes in the photo captions. If you have not tried Routegadget before, check it out. You can very easily draw (or input a gps track) of your route, then compare routes and times with others who did your course.
Mike Minium

January 29, 2012
Dear Orienteers,
Results and Split Times from Saturday's event at Indian Creek are posted.
Routegadget is linked from the results page; Give it a try!
Photos from this event are also posted.
Monday afternoon training opportunity: I will be taking a group of students to Indian Creek on Monday afternoon. If you want to re-run one of Saturday's courses, run a tougher course, or simply missed the event, be at Indian Creek at 4 pm on Monday. Yellow, orange, brown, and slightly shortened green courses will be available. No white. Courses close at 5 pm. SI will be used. No directional signs will be posted; refer to directions on OCIN's schedule page. Free, but donations for maps will be accepted. Times will NOT be posted or counted for TROL standings. Conditions are already much drier than Sat, but expect some mud.
Next OCIN event will be Sunday, February 5 at Sharon Woods. Course length details will be posted later this week on OCIN's schedule page. Starts will be open 11 am to 2 pm.
Anyone who wants to go to the U.S. Classic Championships "A" meet at Asheboro, NC on March 10-11, note that the entry fee goes up by $20 if you have not entered by Feb. 15. Hotels may fill up as well, since this is a fairly popular winter golf destination not far from Pinehurst and other well-known courses. See OCIN schedule page for link to online registration.
Mike Minium

February 2, 2012
Dear Orienteers,
OCIN event this Sunday will be at Sharon Woods with the start at Sharon Centre. Because this is Super Bowl Sunday, starts will open earlier than usual (10 am). We will plan to keep starts open until 2, but if you'll be any later than that, let us know.
Mike Minium

February 8, 2012
Dear Orienteers,
Orienteering for everybody this Sunday at Armco Park northwest of Lebanon, Ohio. Courses from white to red. Come join the fun. Start times are 11 am - 2 pm. See the event schedule below for more details.
Orienteering Louisville will also be putting on an event Saturday on a new map in Bowling Green, KY, 100 miles south of Louisville. If you are up for a road trip, this event sounds fun.
Looking ahead, Entry is open for the U.S. Classic Championships on March 10-11 near Asheboro, NC. This is a two-day total-time event. Run a different course each day, and the winner has the best 2-race total. It looks like a sizeable group from OCIN will be going. Pre-register before February 15 to avoid a $20 late fee.
Registration is also open for OCIN's Flying Pig and Eastern States Interscholastic Championhip. There will be an opportunity to run 4 courses in 3 days, March 30 - April 1, featuring our Northern Kentucky parks, including a new, never-before-used map of Big Bone Lick State Park. You can register and pay online; just follow the links from ocin.org
Mike Minium

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